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We are proud to have been creating boundary pushing and award winning work in Austin, Texas for the past 25 years.

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Works Progress Austin: Birdskin by Eva Suter

Salvage Vanguard Theater introduces you to Sera in Eva Suter’s work in progress Birdskin, Or What Do You Do For Money, Honey.

Sera’s debt has taken debt and her loans have their own loans. Desperate and broke, she takes an offer from a mysterious woman. Loosely inspired by The Brothers Grimm’s “Bearskin” --Sera will use no computers, phones (or even write letters), she will not sleep (or really sit still), and she will live (mostly) as a grackle, among the city’s hoard of feathered beasts, for seven years.

But hey, on the other side, Sera’s promised she’ll be in the clear. Hopefully. Sometimes time is the best currency you’ve got.


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