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噢哦! 噢哦: Slow Roll by Henna Chou


Salvage Vanguard Theater announces the Works Progress Austin development of musician Henna Chou’s 噢哦! 噢哦: Slow Roll.  

Slow Roll is an experimental music presentation with elements of light and visual creations organically integrated as part of an abstract score. Executed by local musicians, the themes that inspire the movements include mycorrhiza, the symbiotic relationship between a fungus and plant, and concepts of evolving gender tropes throughout history.  Slow Roll represents a dynamic set containing investigation into the multi-dimensional intersection of art and life.

The performance of Slow Roll will be followed by a set from Stop Motion Orchestra.

Works Progress Austin is Salvage Vanguard Theater’s new works development series. Started in 2006, WPA has supported the work of many writers including Dan Dietz, Caridad Svich, and Daniel Alexander Jones.

TICKETS: FREE, online or at the door

The box office opens at 6pm

Performance at 7pm

Reservations can be made at

Henna Chou (周世涵) has traveled the world as an environmental scientist and musician for the past two decades. She is a member of the Austin, Tx community dedicated to the proliferation of creative sound and counter culture expression. As a cellist, guitarist, keyboardist or sound designer, she has performed in Austin theater productions, touring ensembles, created string arrangements for bands and improvisations for film.